Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ellie loves her Oddball Shawl!

Our Worsted Weight Shawl was completed, and presented to one of our forum members this past December. Ellie (who lives in South Wales, UK) loved the shawl!
Ellie with Shawl 2

Ellie with Shawl

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Oddball Shawls in Progress

Here are the Oddball Shawls we are still making! : )

Misty Blues Shawl
Misty Blues Shawl After Shandeh
RiverDaughter used a nice handspun yarn (dark and light blue merino wool and silk blend)GennyLynn1962 used Patons Lacette in a light blue shade
kellycarr05 used Wool-Ease Heather Blush
losnana used an appropriately colored "misty" blue yarn! :D
Shandeh used several different yarns for her section. Read about it here.

The "Barbie" Shawl
Barbie after Shandeh
knitknut asked if we could start another shawl, using pink as the main color, so we all agreed. It makes PERFECT sense to start a pink shawl now, because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! :)
knitknut just finished knitting the beginning of the shawl, and mailed it to Nadja la Claire
(Nadja was the recipient of our "Pretty Purples" shawl, and wanted to return the favor! :)
Nadja la Claire just completed her part on the shawl, and we now have a good beginning!
stagebear added her knitting, using a light pink yarn.
Threesmom used a rich maroon-washed yarn.
Shandeh is using two pink fingering-weight yarns by Plassard ("Tendresse" and "Laser"), held together.

The "Candy Shop" Shawl
Candy Shop Shawl after Genny
PaperGirl used Lion Brand Microspun in chocolate
Mintdee used Knit Picks Shine Sport, Apricot (looks like butterscotch to me!)
PixieKnits used Lion Brand Microspun in Turquoise, to represent blueberry.
Shandeh used SWTC Bamboo in black to represent licorice, and added "Bella DK" by Universal Yarn and Moda Dea "Dream" in white, to represent cream filling!
Snowbear added her part in a "peppermint" theme, and
Lynn (Snowbear's caretaker) knitted some also.
jhelanee completed her knitting
threesmom used pink yarn for her section
GennyLynn1962 used Lion Brand "Imagine" in Raspberry
mintdee is adding more Knit Picks "Shine Sport" in Apricot
PaperGirl will be our last knitter on the "Candy Shop" Shawl!

The "Sunshine" Shawl
Sunshine with Shandeh
kellycarr05 used DK weight Plymouth Encore
losnana used sport weight Utopia
ElenTikvah used 100% merino wool
Shandeh used Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in a pretty coral shade
rennfamily used a lovely variegated yarn
losnana added more knitting
MaryB used a colorful yarn for her section
GennyLynn1962 used a cheery yellow Microspun yarn.
Shandeh added more Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, then some "Giggles Ombre" Baby Bee Sweet Delight, then finally some coral Lion Brand Microspun.
Sunshine Shawl After Shandeh - Close-Up

The "Magic" Shawl
Magic Shawl Update
Shandeh used Lion Brand Moonlight Mohair in the color "Northern Lights".
jjminarcik completed her part with a lovely yarn from her stash
losnana finished her part, using a pretty white yarn
rennfamily was happy to add her knitting
Shandeh used Gerifil Tribande for her section.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nadja la Claire LOVES her shawl!

Our "Pretty Purples" shawl was lovingly handknit by several members of the forum. We decided to give it to Nadja la Claire, to show our love and concern for her. She loves it!
(Here's the story of the shawl, as it was being created:

Two of the forum members met with Claire at a coffeeshop, and surprised her with the shawl. I wish we could have all been there!

Nadja la Claire Shawl

Nadja la Claire wearing her shawl

Monday, September 10, 2007

Shawls that are being COMPLETED!

Here's the latest progress on all of our Oddball Shawls. : )

The "Wonderful Worsted Weight" Shawl
Worsted Oddball Shawl
rennfamily used Encore colorspun in color number 7125
bobi1218 used Berroco Touche' (50% Cotton, 50% Rayon) in color 7970 Nectar
lissalue used a sage colored wool blend yarn
Sanibelle used Dive Butterfly in a nice deep color
Snowbear finished her portion, while undergoing treatment for cancer
jjminarcik used Knit Picks Swish Superwash in Black
Snowbear added more knitting
Sanibelle added more knitting, then mailed it to Shandeh!
Now, Shandeh is finishing up the shawl and adding fringe!

The "Pretty Purples" Shawl
Pretty Purples COMPLETE
Abbily used Paton's Glittalic in light purple
jeanius80 used jojoland quartette color 210-504, a merino/cashmere blend, double-stranded
threesmom used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in amethyst heather
stagebear used Lilac Lion Brand Microspun
Shandeh used 4 different yarns for a striped section.
(Moda Dea Dream, Feza Dali, Plassard Cachemire, and Feza Stardust)
jhelanee finished her section with a deep violet/blue yarn
Shandeh used 3 of the yarns she used before
stagebear added more to the shawl
threesmom used WOTA amethyst heather, & KnitPicks Memories in "Rocky Mountain Dusk"
jeanius80 just completed her part, and has mailed the shawl to Abbily!
Finally, Abbily finished up the shawl and added fringe!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In Memorium - Our Lost Shawls :(

In memory of The "Summer Shades" Shawl
Dangles started this shawl for us in Canada, using a sunshine yellow yarn.
MommaG used a colorful DK yarn for her section.
Summer Shades Shawl

In memory of The "Earthtones" Shawl
Earthtones Oddball Shawl Mariblue
Shandeh used Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK in a nice shade of rust
MaryB used Uruguay DK from Queensland Collection (merino wool, alpaca and silk)
beckyrhae used and Alpaca yarn with nice earthy hues of orange, green, pink and blue
snephenie used SWTC Bamboo in the Drake colorway
mariblue used Cascade Key Largo, in a very pretty blue-green color
carmabelle1191 used a heathery blue yarn for her section
mariblue used more of the Cascade Key Largo
snephenie still has the shawl. Are you okay Snephenie? :(

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More progress on our shawls!

Our shawls are looking more and more like....shawls! (tee-hee!)

Beckyrhae completed her portion of the earthtones shawl, and has mailed it to snephenie.

I really like how the earthtones look together.

And we have another shawl in progress that is looking like a fairyland! Abbily started it with some Paton's Glittalic in light purple, which has a nice airy look.

Then, jeanius80 added some jojoland quartette color 210-504, a fingering weight merino/cashmere blend, double-stranded.

So pretty!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fall Shawl Update

One of our shawls has been designated as the Earthtones "Fall" Shawl, and has so far been in the hands of 3 knitters.

Shandeh used Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK in a rust shade.
MaryB used Uruguay DK from Queensland Collection in a nice Moss Green.

And now, beckyrhae is using a DK weight alpaca yarn with interesting earthtones.

This is going to be a lovely shawl.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

We have started making 3 Oddball Shawls!

Members of the Knitting Help Forum have been making Oddball Blankets for Charity, and have now decided to make Oddball Shawls to show our love to other members in our forum.

Every day, we share our lives with each other online, discussing our triumphs as well as our disasters. Because of this, we have developed close friendships with other knitters we would never have met otherwise.

Now, we have found a way to surround a hurting member of our forum with a "hug". A beautiful shawl, knit with lovely yarn that will be cherished forever.

To make our shawls, we are using the free online pattern at
It's an easy pattern, which makes a lovely shawl when it is completed.

We are each knitting for 2, 3, or 4 inches, then mailing the shawl to the next person who wants to work on it.

Here is the beginning of the first shawl, started by Shandeh in North Carolina. She used Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk DK in a nice shade of rust:

This shawl has now been mailed to MaryB in Illinois.

Our second shawl was started by Rennfamily in Maryland, using Encore colorspun in color #7125. She passed the shawl on to Bobi1218 (also in Maryland), who knit her section with Berroco Touche' (50% Cotton, 50% Rayon) in color 7970 Nectar. Very pretty so far!

Both knitters used worsted weight yarn, so I believe this will be our "Worsted Weight Shawl".