Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Shawl Complete, and Progress on Others

Our Blossoms of Joy shawl is now finished, and looks amazing. :D
Blossoms of Joy - Complete

And our Cotton Fields shawl is looking beautiful as well. The cotton yarns are so soft and wonderful.
Cotton Fields after 4 Knitters

Our "Sunbeams" shawl has a new name now, because it looks more like a "Sunset" to me! Beautiful.....
Sunset - formerly Sunbeams

Monday, July 6, 2009

"Red" Shawl by Shandeh

Recently, I contacted one of our forum members to get her mailing address. I wanted to send her one of our shawls, because she was going through a difficult time. Unfortunately, she told me she was allergic to wool. I didn't have a single shawl to give her. :(

SO.....I made one by myself, using different acrylic yarns in my stash. I knew that her favorite color was red, so that's the color I went with.
Red Shawl by Shandeh

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Working on More Oddball Shawls!

Yes, we are still making shawls! :)

Since our last post, we've started 8 more shawls.

"Purple Paradise" is gorgeous:
Purple Paradise Halfway

"Misty Greys" is beautiful:
Misty Grays after threesmom

"Blue Skies" looks great:
(sorry for the blurry photo - I took that photo in a hurry, because my camera battery was dying)
Blue Skies after Shandeh

"Pink Passion" has grown, but we don't have a recent photo. Here's the only one I have:
(it's in the top left corner)
Four New Shawls

We've also just cast on four more.

"Midnight Passion"
Midnight Passion Started

And here are "Sunbeams" "Cotton Fields" and "Ocean Fantasy"
Sunbeams, Cottonfields, Ocean Fantasy

Friday, March 6, 2009

"Flower Garden" and "Magic" Shawls are Complete!

Woo Hoo! I actually completed a couple of our Oddball Shawls this week. :D

Here's our gorgeous "Flower Garden" shawl. It didn't need a border or fringe, because it's perfect all by itself.
Flower Garden - Complete

Our "Magic" shawl looks nice also, even though the color combination is a bit wonky. I'm sure the recipient will still enjoy wrapping up in its warmth.
Magic - Complete

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Shawls Still Going

Our Oddball Shawl project is still alive and well in the Knitting Help Forum.
Luckily, we haven't had that many people that need our shawls, so we're just quietly knitting away.

I am finishing up one of our shawls now for a forum member that needs encouragement....more news on that later.

Here's our current list of shawls:

Five of our shawls have been given to offer our love to friends going through difficult times.
"Worsted Weight", "Purples", "Misty Blues", "Barbie", and "Moonlit Forest".

I am finishing up five more of our shawls at my house right now, knitting the final section, binding off, adding fringe or a crochet border. Those shawls are "Magic", "Flower Garden", "Shades of Pale", "Rainy Day", and "Angel Wings". "Blossoms of Joy" will be on its way to me soon from threesmom's house.

I recently completed "Candy Shop", which turned out to be quite colorful. I'm just waiting for the right person to give it to, since it has a "young and bright" look.
Candy Shop Complete

And now, we're getting started on four more shawls. :)

"Misty Greys"
Shandeh - casting on
the other knitters for this shawl will be pinnut3200, MaryB, and threesmom

"Blue Skies"
Shandeh - casting on
the other knitters for this shawl will be MGM, threesmom, MaryB, and farmgirl

"Purple Paradise"
Shandeh - casting on
the other knitters for this shawl will be farmgirl and threesmom.
(We need one more knitter for this shawl)

"Pink Passion"
Shandeh - casting on
the other knitters for this shawl will be lissaplus2 and farmgirl.
(We need one more knitter for this shawl as well)