Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oddball Shawls in Progress

Yes, we are still making beautiful, Oddball Shawls, with lovely DK yarn. The shawls are given to members of the Knitting Help Forum that need our encouragement. :D

Here are the shawls in progress right now:

Autumn Glow - Looking nice!
Autumn Glow after Shandeh

Flower Garden - Almost complete!
Flower Garden after jjminarcik

Shades of Pale - Coming along nicely!
Shades of Pale after Shandeh

Magic Shawl - Making some progress.
Magic Shawl Update

Barbie Shawl - Looking Good!
Barbie Ready for Fringe

Sunshine Shawl - Almost Complete!
Sunshine with Shandeh

Candy Shop - Hanging in there!
Candy Shop Shawl after Genny

And here is the beginning of two of our newest shawls, "Blue Skies", "Angel Wings", "Rainy Day" and "Blossoms of Joy".

Blue Skies Beginning

Angel Wings Beginning
Rainy Day Beginning Blossoms of Joy Beginning

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