Saturday, June 6, 2009

Working on More Oddball Shawls!

Yes, we are still making shawls! :)

Since our last post, we've started 8 more shawls.

"Purple Paradise" is gorgeous:
Purple Paradise Halfway

"Misty Greys" is beautiful:
Misty Grays after threesmom

"Blue Skies" looks great:
(sorry for the blurry photo - I took that photo in a hurry, because my camera battery was dying)
Blue Skies after Shandeh

"Pink Passion" has grown, but we don't have a recent photo. Here's the only one I have:
(it's in the top left corner)
Four New Shawls

We've also just cast on four more.

"Midnight Passion"
Midnight Passion Started

And here are "Sunbeams" "Cotton Fields" and "Ocean Fantasy"
Sunbeams, Cottonfields, Ocean Fantasy

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